More Dreams

I started a third book on dreams, but it didn’t really stick – though I did complete a project anyway. I drew and animated this as an approximation of the image on the carpet in my dream. Someone asked me to slow it down a bit so they could use it as a meditation aid, which I love! Since this image reminds me a bit of a passionflower, I’ve also been drinking passionflower tea, which looks like it might be helpful for some health issues I deal with (as well as apparently having traditional associations with dreaming).

My copy of Tarot, Magic, Alchemy, Hermeticism and Neoplatonism came in the mail a couple of days ago, so I dropped the the third dream book and switched over…not to worry, though, because author Robert Place makes it clear that he regards tarot as a kind of dreamwork, too (a perspective that I tend to share). This book is a really great read with beautiful pictures, and happens to include the most comprehensive overview of the Western magical tradition that I’ve ever read.

For example, did you know that in the early 500s, Roman emperor Justinian closed down the Neoplatonist academy in Athens and most of the philosophers there moved to Persia (and may have founded a giant cross-cultural library, just in time for the Islamic Golden Age)? I didn’t, but I’m glad I do now!

Still working through this one, so I’m not sure what my final project will be. In the meantime, though, I also read Vijnananath’s new booklet Stoking the Witchfire: Yoga Cultivation for Sorcerors, which I also recommend if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s a quick read, and an easy meditation practice to get started with.

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